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The Keno Lounge

Ever since the first days of casinos gamblers were looking for a game that combine the thrill of gambling, a chance to win huge prizes but also a game that allows them to get to know other people, a game where players don't compete one another and the answer was – Keno.

Ever since the first days of Keno the game attracted numerous participants until casinos had to allocate special areas inside the casinos for keno players, these are the keno lounges and they can be easily found in any casino, no matter how small and remote it is.

Keno Fair is a site devoted for the game, the players and everything around this game. We're the only site on the web that updates on keno news and related material and content on a daily basis, it seems that for others keno is just a game as bingo or a kind of lottery but we here in Keno Fair know the difference!

For any comments, complaints, requests or demands contact us by email, we're always here to help keno players – whether if you want to know where to play keno in Vegas or if you want to know where to play online keno, maybe on Joker Online Casino – we know it all! Simply email us and we'll help you out!

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Keno 101Keno may be viewed as an easy or a complicated game by different people. Players can also either choose to play live keno or video keno. Casinos also differ in their payout system.Continue Reading with Full Article

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